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Hublot and Depeche Mode-chariry: water!

It is in Paris at the heart of the place Vendome in the shop window, that Martin Gore of Depeche Mode Group and CEO of Hublot Ricardo Guadalupe, given are the venue for launch together a new joint fundraising for the benefit of charity: water, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a clean and safe water in developing countries. This unique initiative (already announced at the beginning of 2013) is part of Delta Machine, the 2013/2014 group Depeche Mode world tour. To raise funds for the benefit of charity: water, the watchmaker and the rock band unveiled
Ten cabinets exceptional, unique, each containing a signed guitar and a watch with a red central hand for Chronograph, each engraved on behalf of one of the ten cities that have a special meaning for Depeche Mode: Paris, New York, Basildon, Los Angeles, Milan, Warsaw, Moscow, Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg. The first, the Cabinet Paris, went to happy buyer who has had the privilege to see hand at the Place Vendome store.
The series of watches Depeche Mode limited edition 2014 Replica Watches uk steel (only 250 numbered pieces). These watches will be available in the Hublot boutiques and all the international network very soon. Finally, an exceptional unique piece "Depeche Mode vortex. A large complication skeleton black titanium barrel with a bracelet shape studded (a first by Hublot) which has been exposed especially at Vendome in anticipation of its auction on March 6, 2014 in Moscow during a previous private dinner concert from 7.
Martin Gore, Member of Depeche Mode said on this occasion: "already some time I support and favours charity: water. '' I am therefore particularly happy as a group and with the support of our loyal friend window, we can extend our action to the Organization and help make a real difference in countries that are struggling to survive without access to drinking water.
Meanwhile, Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot has added: "this unique collaborative effort is part of the continuity of our relationship with Depeche Mode. We met in 2010 and the current is immediately passed. If our friendship can make a difference, then do not hesitate because the link, it is the sharing. If you don't share, you you poorer. Hublot has the luck and success and must be able to give a share to those who need it.
Depeche Mode and Hublot began their partnership in 2010 in collecting funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust through a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London and a unique auction. Early 2013 in Berlin, Hublot and Depeche Mode have decided to collaborate in larger scale still creating the limited edition Big Bang Depeche Mode in Black ceramic, in parallel with the world tour Delta Machine, for the benefit of charity: water, an organization that has been selected and has received strong support from group and the Swiss watch brand...
The mission of charity: water is to provide a clean and safe water to the inhabitants of developing countries all over the world. Nearly 800 million people (nearly one person out of nine in the world) do not have access to potable and clean water - a problem of epidemic level as charity: water is committed to eradicate! So far, the Organization has funded more than 8.100 water supply projects, providing safe drinking water to more than 3.2 million people in more than 20 countries. Through this partnership Rolex Replica uk and Depeche Mode have indicated their shared commitment to make the impact of charity: Water still more global.
Hublot has unveiled the Classic Fusion chronograph Mykonos: a ultra-limitee series of 25 pieces, case titanium polished 45 mm waterproof 50 m, blue and silver dial, which will be marketed in a shop. At Gofas-Matogianni, a retailer of Mykonos in Greece...
The blue. The white. The Greece. Summer. The cycladic archipelago. Mykonos. With the sea that sparkles in the Sun, the white houses with blue shutters and balconies that directly overlook the great blue. The pretty alleys where it is good to find a bit of freshness, windmills, the beaches of fine sand, still wild coves, magical sunsets and pelicans, Mykonos is without doubt the most typical of the Greek Islands.
It is also the smartest. Atmosphere jet - set, frenzied nightlife, Mykonos is the most festive of the Greek Islands. During the months of July and August, the feast begins before the sun goes down. The lively nights have made it a resort and a holiday resort taken throughout a jet - set European and American. Hublot has enjoyed phenomenal success in Mykonos ensures the brand in its release, and it is quite naturally with its Greek partner flame Hellas and Gofas in Mykonos, was born the idea of creating a special series in the image of the island.
Sporty chic 45 mm in diameter equipped with a chronograph movement, a box in titanium chosen for its lightness, its resistance to shocks and its extreme resistance to corrosion, a blue dial as Greek waters to the silvered counters as the surface of the sea that sparkles in the Sun (which the counter at 3 o'clock in the centre one discreet little Windmill)(, symbol of the Cyclades with Mykonos in particular), and a bracelet tone-on-tone sewn blue alligator strap on rubber for a better resistance and flexibility, this limited series is like a hyphen between the Earth and the sea.

Post by stuartloftus (2014-11-19 00:33)

Tags: Replica Watches

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